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Mosaic was founded in 2015 by three experienced, energetic and passionate individuals who recognised a growing need for truly independent, unbiased, ethically-driven and accessible advice in the retirement fund industry. We have since broadened our services to support independent financial advisors in their decision-making.

Our business is entirely focused on investment advice. We assist institutional investors in developing an appropriate long term investment strategy, selecting the most suitable asset managers and constructing robust investment portfolios for their members retirement savings. We also provide discretionary fund management services (model portfolios) to independent financial advisors. Lastly, we provide investment asset administration services (e.g. unit pricing, reporting) to retirement funds.

Strategy Formulation

Developing the optimal investment strategy is an integral part of the investment consulting framework. Asset allocation decisions are one of the key factors that influence the long-term returns of investment strategies and portfolios.

Asset Liability Modeling

We use the latest stochastic asset-liability modeling techniques to account for the uncertainty associated with investments and capture a range of outcomes for each asset class.

Investment Policy Development

We create bespoke investment strategies that resonate with clients; that change when circumstances require; and that adapt to new ideas and opportunities. We assist clients in developing investment policy statements that incorporate their unique requirements yet are flexible enough to adapt to the constantly changing investment landscape.

Fund and Product Research

We aim to provide clients with unencumbered advice based on our detailed fundamental research coupled with an in-depth understanding of the domestic and global investment environment.

Our research process is dynamic and efficient. We pride ourselves on our wide coverage of the investment universe and deep knowledge of available opportunities in traditional and alternative asset classes, both locally and offshore.

Portfolio Construction

Our approach to portfolio construction is based on the principles of modern portfolio theory, which attempt to maximize a portfolio’s expected return for a given amount of risk. We believe in diversification, but not at the expense of returns.

Our solutions always incorporate a selection of products and asset managers that collectively lowers portfolio risk whilst aiming to deliver returns that exceed expectations.


Our clients benefit from an experienced administration team and rigorous process that ensures accurate, effective and timely implementation of investment decisions as well as the administration of clients underlying investment portfolios.

Unit Pricing

We have developed a daily unit pricing system to specifically cater to our clients requirements. The platform provides accurate daily pricing of a client’s overall investment portfolio, each life stage portfolio as well as member choice portfolios. The unit pricing reporting system provides information required to support the investment functions and integrates with the client reporting system to provide relevant financial information as required.

Reporting and Compliance

Our reporting is comprehensive, relevant, accurate and timely and adapts to suit our client’s needs.

We ensure that clients’ portfolios comply with all applicable regulations and provide training for trustees when new regulations are promulgated.