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We are committed to facilitating transformation and skills development within our immediate local communities.

As a small business, we acknowledge that our impact on our community is limited. We have focused our efforts and funding on small projects that we believe can make a big difference to the people involved. We started our journey of giving back by contributing annually to the GCU Academy – an education and sports-based NPO in Cape Town – and later added the Patrick Mashego Primary School in Krugersdorp and the DARE foundation as beneficiaries.

The GCU Academy provides sports coaching and English tutoring to schools in the Heideveld community to help alleviate the high youth unemployment and reduce the effects of gangsterism in the area. To find out more, visit

At Patrick Mashego Primary School, we have committed to providing foundation phase learners with school shoes and school bags each year. With learner numbers in excess of 1500, we are not yet in a position to provide for the whole school but hope that over time our contributions will make a meaningful difference.

The DARE Restoring Worth NPC is a Johannesburg-based Youth Mentorship and Coaching Academy established in 2013. They mentor and coach youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who are vulnerable and excluded. They focus on Work Readiness and Active Citizenship with their programs centred on exposure and experiential learning. To find out more, visit